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Bonsai Tree Basics
Gardenia Bonsai - Indoor Bonsai

Bonsai, both indoor and outdoor varieties have become very popular and some are surprisingly easy to grow and maintain. For those of you who might be interested in getting acquainted with this wonderful plant, here are some basics we would like to share.

What is the difference between Indoor or Outdoor Bonsai?
Let’s start with the answer to much asked question, where do I put my bonsai. Many people think that all varieties of bonsai can be kept indoors. Although there are many varieties that can, most are displayed outdoors and really do best when kept outdoors all year long. Most bonsai are seasonal just like their original sized counterpart found in your backyard. Rule of thumb, if the non-dwarfed version of the tree is in your yard, the bonsai counterpart should only be brought indoors for short periods of time or when freezing is a possibility. These temperate-climate bonsai need to undergo the same seasonal changes just like their non-dwarfed cousins. Indoor bonsai are varieties of tropical trees and plants that do well outdoors, but in tropical climates. So, the rule of thumb here is if you live in a freezing northern climate, your tropical bonsai should be kept indoors during periods of cold or imclement weather and all of the winter months. Naturally, tropical trees can only be kept outdoors in tropical climates, but outdoors is where they will grow best. Tropical trees can be kept indoors in temperate climates during winter with extra care and light.

What if I am a Beginner
You must start somewhere and once you do a bonsai collection can be very rewarding. If you live in a temperate climate we suggest a the Chinese elm, a maple or green mound juniper that can be easily raised outdoors. These also adapt well to their surroundings with proper care. If you want and indoor or tropical variety start with a ficus or schefflera that grow well indoors and can tolerate lower light. But even with tropical indoor bonsai exposing them to bright light will help them thrive. is where they will grow best. Tropical trees can be kept indoors in temperate climates during winter with extra care and light.

Watering My Bonsai
Bonsai should be watered when you notice that the top part of the soil in the pot has dryed. Be sure and monitor each plant if you have more than one because each will use water at a different rate. Water each gently when needed.

Bonsai Training
A bonsai needs to be trained since in most cases a bonsai is not a natural miniature of a plant but has been dwarfed by training. The process is detailed and starts with a special pruning to keep the plant small. The steps that following may include additional training, wiring and repotting until the desired result is achieved. If you receive a bonsai that has been trained then all that is needed for some time is trimming of any branches or leaves that do not add to its dwarfed beauty or to maintain its shape.


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A Tribute to Dads Everywhere

An All Star Dad

Every third Sunday in June, families across the United States gather to honor their fathers. This national day of observance is known to all American’s simply as Father’s Day. But where did this holiday originate?

The idea for creating a day for children to honor their fathers began in Spokane, Washington in 1909. A married woman and daughter by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd thought of the idea for Father’s Day while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in her local church when she realized that in her own childhood, it had been her father, William Jackson Smart, a Civil War veteran, who had sacrificed raising herself and her five brothers alone, following the early death of her mother during childbirth. For her, the hardships her father had endured on their eastern Washington farm called to mind the unsung deeds of fathers everywhere.

Having been raised by her father, William Jackson Smart, after her mother died, Sonora wanted her father to know how special he was to her. It was her father that made all the parental sacrifices and was, in her eyes, a courageous, selfless, and loving man. Sonora’s father was born in June, so she chose to hold the first Father’s Day celebration in Spokane, Washington on the 19th of June, 1910. Mrs. Dodd proposed a local Father’s Day celebration and received strong support from the town’s ministers and members of the Spokane YMCA.

As newspapers across the country who were already endorsing the need for a national Mother’s Day carried stories about the unique Spokane observance, interest in Father’s Day increased. However, Father’s Day was not as quickly adopted as Mother’s Day had been. Members of the all male Congress feared that a move to proclaim this new holiday official might be interpreted as a self indulgent, and Father’s Day remained an unofficial day of observance, although it’s popularity was still gaining recognition throughout the country. (more…)

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