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Celebrate Grandparents Day with these Gift Ideas

Celebrate Grandparent's Day with these Gift Ideas

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Grandparent’s Day…when did all that start?” Well, there was a lady Marian McQuade who was a housewife in West Virginia who started it all. According to other sources ‘Her primary motivation was to champion the cause of lonely senior citizens who lived in nursing homes.’ She also wanted to get grandchildren everywhere to simply honor their grandparents. This holiday is now a special part of our September tradition. Even presidents have proclaimed this a national day of celebration and is now celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor day. This year, 2009, Grandparents Day falls on September 13th.

If you grew up with Grandparent’s in your life count your blessings. You know how truly special they are. They always said yes when mom and dad said no. When everyone else had lost their patience, they seemed to have just that little extra. Their advice was savored and they could fix any problem, sometimes just with a hug or a big cookie. So if you are lucky enough to have Grandparent’s in your life, make sure you celebrate them this Grandparent’s Day. Send them a little token of your memories with a truly special Grandparent’s Day gift that lets them know how invaluable they are to you and your children. For some great Grandparent’s Day gift ideas click here.


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