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Happy Sweetest Day Cookie Bouquet

Happy Sweetest Day Cookie Bouquet

You may not all know this, but Ohioans are responsible for starting Sweetest Day. To be more precise Clevelanders started the holiday. It was started by a nice man named Herbert Kingston.

He was a candy maker in Cleveland and thought that there were a lot of deserving people who should be given the opportunity to taste the sweet delights. So along with some friends, he started distributing his candy to shut-ins, home bound people, orphans and other underprivileged Cleveland residents who he thought might have been forgotten and needed some joy brought into their lives – in a sweet way.

With Sweetest Day starting out as part of this very selfless local observance, it’s popularity soon spread throughout the country and blossomed into the holiday we observe today as Sweetest Day. Ohio, of course, is still the all time core location for popularity and observance. And today, the Sweetest Day holiday has evolved taking on a more romantic connotation for offering our romantic wishes or gestures of friendship to those special people in our lives. Sweetest Day is now observed each year and celebrated in October. The traditional observance date varies from year to year with the third Saturday in October being set aside for annual Sweetest Day celebrations.


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