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Rose Perfection Bouquet

Valentine’s day is upon us once again. This year (2010) it falls on a Sunday. Boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives you will be really, really sorry if you wait until the last minute. We’re the experts and we urge you to be on the ball this year and order early. Here are reasons why. Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday and no carriers deliver on Sunday. Saturday the 13th will be very backed up.

SUGGESTION ONE: Order non perishables to arrive on Thursday or Friday or even earlier in the week. Less stress for you and your sweetie will be impressed.

SUGGESTION TWO: Order perishables early and tell us when you want them shipped. Either call or email us with your desired delivery date. The benefit to you is the order will be in if the product should sell out.

SUGGESTION THREE: Ordering early offers you the best selection and at the best price. If you wait until the last minute you might end up having to choose a Valentine’s Day gift that costs considerably more money. Don’t let that happen.

Hope these suggestions have been helpful. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.


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I think we can all agree that 2008 has been a year that will be remembered as an historic one. But as we move into 2009 we also can also agree we’re in a crummy economy. So how do we keep our spirits high this holiday season and still reign in our spending on tight budget? (more…)

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Heightened stress levels around the holidays will soon be here. Thanksgiving marks the beginning with the height or our stress being felt at Christmas and Hanukkah and not culminating until the New Years noisemakers are silent. From Thanksgiving through New Years Day we all tend to stress a bit, when we have to plan special meals and shop for all those gifts and things. Oh My! But we can do a few things to make it a bit easier. (more…)

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