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Valentines Day Conversation Hearts

Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts

Don’t run to your car and drive to the mall for a Valentine’s Day Gift just go to My Fast Basket which is just a click away. We make shopping for your Valentine easy. Here are some gift ideas for giving that special someone a unique Valentine’s Day gift.

Conversation Hearts

Remember those tiny little conversation heart candies we traded as kids. Each of them had a tiny little message of love printed on each heart like – “Be Mine”, “Hot Stuff”, “Lover Boy” and “Cutie Pie”? Forget those tiny little hearts.

We’ve transformed and super sized them into a Valentine’s Day Conversation Hearts Cookie Bouquet. Each conversation cookie heart measures a whopping 3-4 inches. You can also turn this cookie bouquet into a cookie basket with an assortment of favorite cookie flavors for your “Hot Stuff”.

Valentine’s Day Brownies

Valentines Cupcakes

Valentines Brownies

If cupid made brownies these would be the ones. They’re ready for you to indulge your sweetheart. These decadent brownies are sinfully chocolate covered. It will gratify their hearts and indulge their sweet tooth.

So, as I said before don’t run to your car just click to find your Valentine’s Day gift.


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